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When an article is large, it is often written in summary style. This template is used after the heading of the summary, to link to the subtopic article that has been summarized.


Basic usage
All parameters
{{Main|page1|page2|page3|l1 = label1|l2 = label2|l3 = label3}}

Note: "l1" etc. is the lowercase letter "L" followed by a numeral.


Main page: Boss-monsters.
{{Main|Boss-monsters#Boss-Monster Abilities|l1=Boss-monsters § Boss-Monster Abilities}}
Main pages: Quests and Mini-quests.
{{Main|Town features|Towns#Table of Distances|l2=the List of Towns}}
{{Main|Pets|Monsters|Strong Monsters}}
Main pages: Pets, Monsters, and Strong Monsters.
{{Main|Pets#List of Pets|List of Monsters|Omnibus List#GV-Monsters|l1=Pets § List of Pets|l3=Omnibus List § Monsters}}