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These are preset messages with nice little icons, which are mainly for use in talk pages during discussions of article content. A shortcut you should use is {{m}}. The first parameter is the message and you can pick from what is shown below.

Recognized message arguments for {{Message}} / {{m}}
Code Appears as
{{m|done}} Tick.png Done
{{m|notdone}} Cross.png Not done
{{m|notdone2}} Cross.png Not done and not likely to be done
{{m|started}} Started.png Started
{{m|partlydone}} Yellowtick.png Partly done
{{m|doing}} Doing.png Doing...
{{m|inprogress}} Doing.png In progress...
{{m|notnow}} Doing.png Not now...
{{m|checking}} Checking.png Checking...
{{m|later}} Future.png Later...
{{m|stale}} Cross.png Stale
{{m|fixed}} Fixed.png Fixed
{{m|wontfix}} Wontfux.png Won't fix
{{m|added}} Plus.png Added
{{m|notsure}} Question.png Not sure
{{m|thankyou}} Smiley.png Thank you
{{m|yourewelcome}} Smiley.png You're welcome!
{{m|duck}} Ducky.png It looks like a duck to me
{{m|idea}} Ideaicon.png Idea:
{{m|question}} Questiony.png Question:
{{m|note}} Notey.png Note:
{{m|onhold}} Hold.png On hold until
{{m|ack}} Acky.png Acknowledged
{{m|conf}} Acky.png Confirmed
{{m|feed}} Notey.png Feedback required