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This template is designed to allow the user to hide the text. Originally a piece of text can be displayed or hidden at once. To show the hidden content, press the button "Show", and to conceal shown - click "Hide" (a button, changing only its name).

The mw-collapsible CSS class (which can be set on any page element) makes this template obsolete. class="mw-collapsible" is the preferred method for making wiki content optionally-visible and/or hideable.


  • title - the title of the block. It's always displayed.
  • title-style - a style header. Style should be in the CSS format, as it is defined in the attribute style . For example: border: 1px Solid Black; Color: Blue;
  • content - content; the stuff in the box that will be hidden or shown.
  • content-style - the style of content.
  • frame-style - the overall style of the block. Used, for example, to specify a common border.
  • footer - the contents of the bottom bar are not collapsible.
  • footer-style - a bottom style bit is not a collapsible unit; the default is the same as the heading style.
  • hidden - If set to 1, the contents of the box will be hidden by default and if set to 0 will be unhidden by default.