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Use {{Guild link|Guild Name}} when you wish to create an offsite link to the Guild page for Guild Name on the Godville server. (Not the Godwiki article about the Guild, for that just use [[Guild Name]].)


(All parameters are optional, however if the template is called with no parameters it will default to linking to the ⚜️ Pantheon of Unity .)

Single Parameter

|Guild Name
In its simplest form, the template requires only one unnamed parameter, the name of the guild to link to. That name will be used for the title of the link, and to generate the link URL. For example:
Wikicode Output
{{Guild link|Epic Fail}} ⚜️ Epic Fail 

The behavior of the template can be further adjusted with additional parameters, see below.

Optional Parameters

If a |title=link title parameter is given, the argument will be used instead of the guild name when setting the title (displayed text) for the link. It will not affect how the URL is generated; one of the following is also required: the unnamed parameter, |name=, or |url=.
If the title parameter is set to the word 'none' (i.e., |title=none), then the template will suppress the text of the guild name entirely.
Setting |name=guild name defines the guild name used in constructing the link target (destination URL). It will not affect the displayed link text; either the unnamed parameter or |title= is also required.
If a URL is passed in via |url=http[s]://..., the link created by the template will point directly to that URL, rather than one generated from the guild name. This may be necessary with some unusual guild names, if the correct link cannot be automatically generated. However, this template is not intended to be used for arbitrary (non-guild-page) links, and any use of it to "disguise" other URLs will not be permitted.
If the parameter |plain=yes is specified, the generated link will be output as a simple text link, without the template's usual decoration (the shield icon and surrounding box). This can be useful in certain contexts where less "fancy" links are desired. For example, the infobox template {{Guild}} uses |plain=yes links.
Setting this to any yes-like value will add a link after the guild name to the guild's stats page.
Setting this to any yes-like value will add links to

Examples of use

Wikicode Output
{{Guild link|Order of the Monster God}} ⚜️ Order of the Monster God 
{{Guild link|Brotherhood of Steel|title=Our guild page}} ⚜️ Our guild page 
{{Guild link|name=ℭαmelot ✠|title=ℭαmelot ✠ Guild}} ⚜️ ℭαmelot ✠ Guild 
{{Guild link|url = http://godvillegame.com/stats/guild/%E2%98%AD|title = ☭}} ⚜️ ☭ 
{{Guild link|502 Bad Gateway|title=Guild page|plain=yes}} Guild page 
{{Guild link|Lords of the Pit|stats=yes}} ⚜️ Lords of the Pit 📈
{{Guild link|Harvest Moon|extended=yes}} ⚜️ Harvest Moon  (S • W • T) 
{{Guild link|Blue Feather|title=none}} ⚜️
{{Guild link|Blue Feather|title=none|stats=yes}} ⚜️ 📈