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Important.pngDeprecated template
This template is no longer needed for the display of an image gallery, and should not be used any more. Please use the <gallery> wikicode tag instead, as it is far more flexible and intelligent, and works on all display sizes. This template will be phased out and marked for deletion in time.

This template shows up to 100 images in an array. The number of images per row is based upon the width specified and the width of the screen.


For each image

Specify a line of the following form for each image.

|File:Filename|altN=Alt text|Caption
  • Filename is the image's file name. It can use a File: instead of an Image: prefix.
  • N should be 1 for the first image, 2 for the second image, and so forth.
  • Alt text is the alt text for the image, used by visually impaired and other readers who cannot see the image. If omitted, the image's alt text is blank.
  • Caption is the caption.

If no such lines are present, a gallery with a single question-mark image is produced. There is currently a limit of 100 such lines.

For the gallery overall

These parameters are optional.

The gallery's title.
(default 180) Maximum width of each image.
(default 180) Maximum height of each image.
(default 2) The number of text lines needed for the largest caption. Blank lines are appended to smaller captions. A caption that does not fit is cut off.
(default left) The alignment of the gallery (left, center, or right).


{{Gallery |title=Here is a title |width=160 |height=170 |lines=4 |align=center |File:a file.jpg |File:another file.gif |File:this should also be a file.jpeg |File:I'm sure you get the idea now.png }}

Another example can be found here: Warped Quantum