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Team Ramrod
Motto: TBD
Alignment: Peaceful
Gold Fund: 30245 c.u.
Leader: GodPollben 
Date Founded: April 14 2014
Membership Count: 87
Pantheon of unity Rank: 102
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 169
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 239
Guild Page: Team Ramrod 
Data current as of 18:03 p.m GMT 19 February 2016


No-one knows where Team Ramrod came from, or even who was originally a part of the guild. These founders, the leaders, the once-pioneers of this esteemed group vanished beyond even memory, but the guild itself would not share this fate! Many members are active, day after day to help eachother (and themselves) build, fight, prosper, and perhaps most importantly; consume inordinate amounts of alcohol!

  • Feel free to ask for help from anybody, we're always willing to give it.
  • If you're new, ask anybody anything, don't feel afraid to speak up either!
  • We don't have any rigid rules for now, but don't be rude to fellow members.
  • Still nothing rigid, but try not to swear too often, we don't always know how old other members may be, or how sensitive.
  • Speaking of sensitive, avoid topics like that, it can be offensive to some.
  • If you want to join us, just send a voice saying Join "Team Ramrod". Be sure to do this when your hero is idle outside of town, do not cancel your current quest first.
  • Not currently pushing for any pantheons, but may choose to do so in future.
  • Elections begin in a few days. Eligible members should consider their votes!

Notable Members

Active members of the guild and those who help others will be displayed here.

GodRittsrage (U • C • T) :

Rittsrage is the oldest active member of the guild, and helps whenever possible. He is also the guild's inaugural leader!

GodPollben (U • C • T) :

Pollben is one of our guild's most accomplished members, always willing to help out, and was our current leader.

GodTabachiii (U • C • T) :

Tabachiii is arguably the best member of the entire guild, and should be applauded for spending time editing these pages, definitely not because he wrote this himself. Forever angry about the time his hero left the guild 10 days before achieving cardinal rank.

GodHeyMoosie (U • C • T) :

HeyMoosie isn't as old or highly-ranked as some of the others on this list, but since joining he has been kind, generous and always helpful to others.

GodDank Memegician (U • C • T) :

Dank Memegician is the Meme Supreme of the guild. He is known for posting Godville-based memes on Team Ramrod's official Facebook page. Also somehow won a leader election. Not that he's complaining.

GodScottthi1 (U • C • T) :

Placeholder message.

GodKamcio (U • C • T) :

Placeholder message.

Current and previous leaders

Name Date Elected Current?
GodRittsrage (U • C • T)  1912 g.e
GodPollben (U • C • T)  1995 g.e.
GodTabachiii (U • C • T)  2165 g.e.
GodHeyMoosie (U • C • T)  2278 g.e

Additional info

Of course, Team Ramrod is also the proud home of other, perhaps less notable members, all of which can be viewed here: Team Ramrod stats page

Here we test the colour purple, because it seems most of the guild want to see it in action, and frankly I agree, this message is as long as possible to see if the text is entirely legible of course.