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I've never gotten Buy/Shop voice commands to work, anyone else have any luck?

I added "Temple" to the list of commands after this diary entry:

!Hero's Diary
08:18: Ants marching past me stopped and formed into the words: 'Temple!'. 08:19: Following a sudden desire, I decided to offer some prayers.


If you're wondering why I added "gold" to the list of commands, look at these 2 consecutive diary entries:

!Hero's Diary

A voice from the skies thundered: 'Pray or sacrifice gold to me!' Nice.


Spent a few minutes sifting sand. Found 101 gold coins.

I drew from this that "gold" must have been the keyword for him digging. --GodFel1dragon 

"Die" doesn't seem to work. After a 10,000g fling in Beerburgh I tried. A lot. Isis Jane 03:05, 7 January 2012 (GMT)

Regarding the Voting section, the information conflicts with the android app. On the Godville Android App 3.5.5, there is no voting in this regard, instead the verb should be "rating." If a god holds down on the diary entry for a voice sent by another god, a screen opens with a few options. One of the options is "Rate the god voice." Pressing that option opens a screen with the language "Do you think that the voice from <"%god_name%"> is witty and interesting?" And under it are two buttons: "Yes, it's funny" and "No, it's not" There's nothing about "voting" in that feature. Additionally, under the settings option, a god can choose "Random Shouts" with the description "The hero will occasional hear voices sent by other gods to their heroes." Additionally, based upon the language of the feature, it appears that a "Voice of god" is a message a god sends to its own hero and something a hero hears from its own god. Conversely, a "Random Shout" or "God voice" is a message that a hero hears sent from a different god. The section should be changed to account for the android app or perhaps even granted its own page. --BlueStapler 20:40, 4 October 2012 (BST)

in the browser based version at least, its voting: either upvote or downvote. rating implies assigning a voice some kind of numerical score which it isnt doing. so we keep it at that. everyone calls it that anyway. If you want to add some small note in about this somewhere then thats fine but dont go making big page swaps or rearranging. this is so incredibly pedantic that there is no point to editing this into the page. are you sure you dont have OCD? --Spode 21:21, 4 October 2012 (BST)

Spode, arguing with you is a pointless exercise. I present real and verifiable facts of why the current version is incorrect and should be changed. These are facts that anyone can check with minimal effort. You counter with some vague unverifiable idea that doesn't even support your assertion. For example, you say the browser version has "voting," but the browser doesn't use the word "vote." You also completely ignore the most important and irrefutable fact that the game uses the phrase "Rate the god voice." Worse yet, you then insult me. --BlueStapler 23:13, 13 October 2012 (BST)

so, when is the right time to say something to hero ?

The article explains all,but it just lacks one thing, The guide about when to send godvoice. Dr Kat (talk) 12:24, 12 September 2015 (UTC)

Die command does work!

I edited the entry about the 'Die' command to remove the suggestion that the hero/ine will readily obey the command (in reality this is one of the least-obeyed commands, if not THE least-obeyed, in Godville). I also mentioned the 2 conditions in which it is likelier to be obeyed: (1) when the Godville Times reports that godvoice is likelier to be heard today, and (2) when the hero/ine has an aura of audibility. (I am assuming the second condition is true on the basis of the first, which is simply an all-player aura of audibility that lasts for 24 hours.)

My edit inverted the meaning of the original first sentence, which suggested that the hero/ine is eager to get killed off. However, I believe it's a reasonable change given that the original statement was highly misleading. Under most circumstances the hero/ine will stubbornly resist this command.

Also, readers do need to be reassured that the 'Die' command does sometimes work! I was skeptical myself until we had a "Godville Times" day today, and two members of my guild (one of them me) were able to get the 'Die' command to work after a comparatively small number of attempts (in my case, five). Speaking as someone who had previously assumed it would never work (on the basis of many, many unsuccessful attempts), this counts as a major discovery. Those god/desses working towards their Martyr achievement or a "resurrect n times" side job should be glad of the news. -- Cham Almighty (talk) 06:35, 21 January 2019 (UTC)