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Nice page so far. Apparently, you're Mr. Personality. That's good, it probably attracts new members, especially because the kind of people who'd be playing Godville in the first place clearly appreciate a certain kind of silliness. If you like, I can fix the link for you. (Also, notice when you're editing the page, there's a link that says "Editing Help" near the bottom. Click it for a few tips if you like, and if you'd like to know how to do something that's not on that page, just let me know by responding to me here and I'll see to getting your request for information answered ASAP. -Jimbob64

Wow, using the editing help page you've indicated me, i've been able to fix that by myself. Thanks! but I've noticed a problem: in the Guild List page of Godwiki there isn't the link for the Sexy Commando Guild page...It's normal? Should i do something? If yes, what?. -DrFruit

The Category tag isn't too big of a deal. Might I assume you won't mind me slipping in and adding the classification? -Jimbob64 P.S. Nice- you're at the top of the "S" section in the guild listings. You got yourself a prime position on the page.

thanks for that too, and feel free to add. -DrFruit P.S.: Sadly our prime position is already been stolen

DrFruit, I see that your guild page is coming along quite nicely. If you would like to add an infobox (a nifty box on the right side with information) the Template:Guild/Documentation should be of some assistance. Otherwise, keep up the good work and feel free to add to other articles in the GodWiki. --BlueStapler 22:03, 24 October 2012 (BST)