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Spode, I'm absolutely sure that Los Demonos is located at the 70th milestone. I have been suspicious as to the inacuracy of this fact, and I was able to confirm it today. I was returning to Los Demonos, an my hero went slightly past the 70th milestone, as in he went to about milestone 68, and then entered Los Demonos. This is just like all other towns, and I'm certain that Los Demonos is at the 70th milestone.

ok, it was originally that but then someone changed it and they said that they were sure but last time i checked it was 70 so ill go with it

Thank you, sir. I believe Hammrsgl is the one who changed it, so I hope she posts here soon. Is there a forum page for wiki editing discussion? I know there's one for wiki questions, but should that be used for wiki discussions as well?

Possibly, i'm not sure. the talk pages are meant to be used for this purpose but I appreciate that not a lot of people actively use them. you could suggest something to an admin.

THANK YOU Spode, Hammrsgl, and Sensei for this page. BTW- we Can't tell who is writing what above here. I'll try the wiki-standard-four-elipses here -- > Lightniing 10:27, 17 November 2011 (UTC)

I think Herowin is at milestone 57. I saw milestone 58, then my hero went to Herowin. Can someone else confirm? --BlueStapler 20:12, 30 March 2013 (GMT)

I changed Herowin to milestone 60. Using the new Android app 4.1.1, I used the direction indicator at milestones 57, 58, 59, 60, and 61. At milestones 57 to 60, it said Trollbridge. At milestone 61, it said Herowin. I believe this is consistent with how other towns are displayed, but can someone else confirm? Thanks --BlueStapler (talk) 23:23, 19 April 2013 (BST)

Update and merger

Obviously this page needs updating post-map (TODO), and I think the list of towns here, apart from needing an overhaul, should be merged into Towns. The navbox here for list articles actually calls this list 'Towns' rather than 'Milestones' anyway, it would just need repointing.--Djonni (talk) 08:18, 6 May 2018 (UTC)

Did this thing ^ --Djonni (talk) 01:32, 7 May 2018 (UTC)
I wonder if Godville's collection of settled regions has now grown large enough to justify a List of Towns in its own right? (Which would also make more sense for Template:Navboxlists to, well, list.)
...Personally I kind of feel like it's right on the cusp, now. It doesn't necessarily need to be done, yet, as the list isn't an unwieldy length to just live on the page. But it also does now involve a long enough list that it could be done, without the result seeming pointlessly short. -- FeRDNYC (talk) 06:57, 11 May 2018 (UTC)
I had similar thoughts, with similar conclusions. Part of my rationale for moving the list of towns from here to Towns was to make it functionally, though not formally, the list of towns. For now, perhaps just a redirect from List of Towns to Towns might help.
Tangential, and OT, but thank you for adding the nbsps to Template:Navboxterritories. I'd mentally earmarked that to come back to do when I had a chance :) --Djonni (talk) 10:01, 11 May 2018 (UTC)