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This is FD's guild noticeboard, and like our main wiki page, only members of "Flight of the Dragon" are allowed to edit this page. Any changes made will be undone.

FD Guild Noticeboard

For guild news and announcements. (authorized members only)

13 July 2011: A forum thread for our guild has been created in the Guild Headquarters section!

Here's a link:

8 August 2011: If you want your name to be on the Mercenaries list tell me (through the forum or pm) your desired title. Your title can be anything (well, almost). This statement, written below your title, is also a MUST: "Weapon"-wielding riders of the "Element"-breathing "Dragon type" Dragon.

14 October 2011: FD is forming committees that will help out with the guild wiki page!

Send me a PM or a message in the forum thread if you would like to form or join a committee. Different committees will be in-charge of different areas or aspects of the guild wiki page, such as pictures, or the different sections of the page, or the updating of the page, etc.

Join us in our committee-forming project if you would like to contribute to the page!

FD Wiki Page

This section is for any suggestions or edits that you may have for the main wiki page! (all members)

The main wiki page is currently in progress.. Sections:

- Motto (done)

- Introduction (done)

- History

- Trivia

- Guild officers/members (done)

- Emblem

Write your name here if you want to help out with the wiki page or if you want to suggest more sections.

New Members

New members names go here so that everyone can meet them formally.

Town Influence

As a new guild, we don't have much influence yet. Suggest the towns you wish to focus on influencing here.


Guild Wiki page:

Guild Noticeboard:

Guild Forum Thread:

Random! XD

A random space on the discussion board where members can post anything they want (okay, almost! no vulgarities and such)

While putting up the discussion board, we realized that this little space here in the corner was blank, so fill it! Fill it with anything you want! Comments, feedback, jokes, or any random thing you just want to tell the rest of the guild! (Of course, the guild forum thread is still in use, but this space is more of a personal board for our guild XD)