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Dig Monster Baseball

Players: Two teams of 2-4 players (competing teams must be composed of even numbers of payer and non-payer players, or must waive all claim to handicap) Object: Score the most runs in nine innings.


  1. Two teams agree to dig together and against each other. Each boss that two or more team mates dig begins an "inning" for the digging team. 
  2. A team scores a "run" by having one player land a successful influence and a successful VC on a successful attacking round. 
  3. An attacking round is a "pitch." A defending round is not.
  4. An influence and/or a VC is a "swing."
  5. There are no "partial" runs-- one player cannot have a successful VC and a team mate have a successful influence on a successful attacking round and have that count as a run; one player cannot have a successful influence on a successful attacking round and then have a successful influence on the defending round and have that count as a run. All runs must be contained within a single round for a single player.
  6. Multiple teammates may score runs on the same round.
  7. The VCs and influences can be of any sort, so long as they have exactly the intended effect (no back- or mis-fires).
  8. Not all swings have to be for runs. There are no "outs" or "balls" or "fouls," so swing away as necessary (ie, a player might swing a "pray" VC on a defending round in order to build up GP).
  9. There is no limit to the number of runs scorable in an inning. Whatever team has the most runs after nine innings for each team (or more, if a tie persists) wins. 
  10. An inning is finished when either the boss is defeated or sneaks away, or all members of the team have been defeated.


  • There are no partial runs.
  • Miracles do count as influences-- destruction of loot is the misfire.
  • Anything you would normally do with a boss (healing a leeching-auriferous, for example) is clean play.
  • Dig link must be shared by the third pitch with a member of the opposing team and an "umpire," which is a mutually agreed upon person who is a member of neither team.

Exceptions: Innings may be postponed for inclement weather (deafening boss or faithless-leeching boss) and spectator interference (number of non-players in on the field equals or exceeds the number of players on the field in a given inning), but postponement must be made publicly (to the member of the opposing team and to the umpire) before the third pitch in a dig with a link already shared.

Game One -- Will figure out how to do up an inning score table.

Legends of Godville

Per a recent vote (results were, I believe, 6 aye:0 nay), E.I.S. has agreed to make use of this talk page to create the "Legends of Godville." Below are the ideas currently under development:

  • God of Monsters-- Also known as "The Leveler," the mists of time obscure whether this monster was a God or simply a primordially huge monster. He carried on a war with the First Deities that was long, horrifying, bloody, and endless. His single known footstep upon Godville flattened the great mountain range of [insert name; must have something to do with magnetism] into the meadowlands now known as Vector Field. The blood and viscera of his enemies dripping from his claws soaked into the soils of Godville and became the deposits of startite known today. The particular concentration of startite within and around the Caves of the Leveler is explained among monsters this way: When the great Leveler concluded his razing, he settled to admire his work but his scaly eyelids drooped. He stretched forth his smeared and glistening claws across the forests and the dales. He sank into the soil to rest as into a soft nest of sand and leaves. He opened his terrible maw and fell asleep, to be covered in a blanket of rocks and gravel as the gods and goddesses of the human heroes rained down meteors in the same measure as their tears. The Caves of the Leveler are the great one's mouth and throat and stomach as he slumbers, and the startite around and within them is the remnants of his vanquished enemies, rent asunder or eaten as meals to prepare for his hibernation.
  • Dig Monsters-- Where did they come from? Why did they suddenly appear? All monsters must have startite to eat. It is a trace mineral, much like salt to humans, and it is similarly essential to survival. However, some monsters gain an addiction to startite, and overindulge, growing to great size. These monsters could be controlled by the general monster population, until the weeks prior to [date of dig boss appearance], when they threw off their yokes and rampaged into the startite mines around the Caves of the Leveler. Their sizes, their uncontrollable hunger for startite, their crazed aspects, and their lack of care to preserve and share resources wrecked the monsters' mines of startite (which caused a shortage among monster populations-- address?). The boss monsters fell, one-by-one, into comas induced by gorging on startite, allowing regular monsters to gather them, sentence them in a court of monster law, and banish them to the undergrounds. Each boss was separated from its fellows, and left in a place where a small deposit of startite existed. When they woke, the bosses hungrily burrowed for the startite, hollowing out lairs in their searches for final morsels, until they came to the conclusion that no more existed.
    • Experience/processed startite also exists in the form of heroes. Boss monsters concluded that they had to start luring heroes if they were to survive and feed their addictions.
    • Alliance formed with spiteful goblins. Goblins collect treasure from heroes and surface burrowing, which they give to the boss to use to lure heroes. Boss, in return, shelters the goblins from the heroes, and will give the goblins food when it kills a hero.
    • Goblins develop a mystery box cocoon upon hearing the sound of a hero digging, so if the sheltering boss is defeated, the heroes will transport the goblins aboveground, release the goblins, and provide a bit of gold or an artifact for the goblin to offer to the next boss it finds in exchange for shelter.
  • The founding of Monsterdam -- Some kind of ethical or political divide between monsters and an immigration from Deville to Monsterdam of those content to leave heroes well enough alone if not provoked. And a simple explanation of why healing is so slow there: if it's a town settled by nonhumans, not many local doctors would be good at it.
  • The Founding of Herowin -- built by heroes who'd naturally forget to include a city hall or local laws, but not go easy on choice of pubs. The notion was something like, with few local laws if any, merchants not allowed in Tradeburg, even shadier than normal, would likely gather there, and the choice of recreation plus lack of regulations would account for the prices there too.

Duel & Dungeon Hosting

For anyone who's ever wanted a log beyond 3 days for any reason!
For science!
For whyever we darn well want!

It's the EIS Duel & Dungeon Log Archive!

Yep. It may be Russian, but that there is apparently a map generator.

--Contact GodJimbob64  if you'd like to contribute.
Anything we find out is open for asking, free of charge,
we do it 'cause we... haven't thought this out. Boredom. Curiosity. Whatever.
Lend a hand and you get first dibs on anything we find because of you.

Warning: This service is completely voluntary, so nobody blame the man if service is half-baked. We invoke Guild Name Rule #2 in such situations.

E.I.S. Guild Emblem?

Hullo folks!

Your esteemed member GodSourceRunner (U • C • T)  has contributed articles to JanuWiki 2019, and so E.I.S. Eternal is on the guild leaderboards there!

I was wondering if your guild has an emblem that can be used for display in the leaderboard? Or would like to choose something? I've place a placeholder there for now, which can certainly remain there if you like. :) -- Djonni (talk) 11:29, 1 January 2019 (UTC)

Alternatively, rather than you folks having to come up with an emblem in a rush, I can knock up a rudimentary placeholder for the time being. Something like this, if you like? -- Djonni (talk) 18:05, 1 January 2019 (UTC)
That looks splendid, Djonni. Yes, please. We'll re-open debates on an emblem in GC and try to have something real for you next time. --SourceRunner (talk) 18:10, 1 January 2019 (UTC)
Tick.png Done In place at JanuWiki 2019#Progress :) -- Djonni (talk) 18:20, 1 January 2019 (UTC)