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Hello, I GodArivelle  will be publishing a “get to know the candidates” article in the forum and would appreciate it if you could answer some questions about yourself to support the article and return the answers to me by October 7th. This will help me finish the article early in the voting week. There are quite a few questions, so that I can pick and choose which questions/answers create the best article. Please answer all the questions, but if you are short on time, get through as many as possible starting from the top. Shorter answers (4 sentences or less) are preferred over very long ones, but if you have a lot to say about a particular question, feel free to do so.

Here are some things you should know about the article:

  • The purpose is to get to know the candidates, so I endeavor to fairly represent each of you
  • To produce an article that is enjoyable to read, I reserve the right to not include certain questions, change the order of questions, or not include certain responses. This helps me to write something that flows and is reasonable in length.
  • Of your answers I include, they will not be altered or shortened. Your words are your words. If there are some alterations that I think will fit better with the article, I’ll try to get your approval before making the changes. If I can’t reach you, no changes will be made.

Here are the questions:

  1. For colour commentary I’ll use in the article, please describe your character’s outfit during the interview.
  2. I know BF is the best guild of all time, but please comment on one aspect of Blue Feather that makes us extra special to you.
  3. What made you interested in running in the election?
  4. Why do you think you would make an excellent choice?
  5. If you could pick the next new Godville feature, what would it be? (realism optional)
  6. What’s something about yourself that you think might be surprising to other Blue Feather Members?
  7. Make up an interview question you think you have a great response for. Include the question and the response.
  8. Please provide a shameless plug for your campaign (I’ll include as a closing message in the interview).
  9. Do you have any go-to guides that have helped you along the way? Could you please provide links?
  10. What originally brought you to Godville? Was it what you were looking for?
  11. How long have you been playing Godville and what aspects of the game have kept you playing?
  12. If you could tell a starting player one thing that you wish you had known sooner, what would it be?