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Russy Cat, I moved what you wrote to the article itself and put the picture in the monster box. It was totally awesome and completely belonged with the article. Feel free to change the class, habitat, description, and other information on the monster box (I just wanted to put something there so its easier to edit later). Overall, I love what you wrote. Please please please expand this article, give some strengths and weakness, give it a crazy wacky description. Most of all, feel free to create and add to other wiki articles. I really appreciate your help and creativity with the wiki. --BlueStapler 02:46, 1 April 2013 (BST)

Thanks) I will try. May be not so good as early...

Russy Cat, add information about the battlesheep monster to the Battlesheep article, not this discussion page. I moved the strengths and weaknesses you wrote to the article. This page is for talking about the article itself. Since this wiki is pretty informal, just add words to the article itself; you don't need to get it approved by anyone. I have faith in you, just write something funny and interesting and add it to the article. So long as you follow the rules, you should be ok. --BlueStapler 09:30, 2 April 2013 (BST)