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Searching for connection with Ash Corde

Connection established

Establishing contact...

Warning: Unknown goddess involvement. Speak with caution

Contact established. To respond, edit the page, putting your God name in bold before your message.

Ash Corde: Who is this? I know you're there- I want answers.

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Changes to the Hero template which will affect this page

Hi there!

I wanted to tell you about a change we are going to make to Template:Hero which will affect you in a way I can't fix for you. However, I am having trouble trying to determine who best to notify about the changes.

This page and the page at The Darkholder and PogoPogo indicate that Ash Corde is under the control of two deities, GodPogoPogo (U • C • T)  and GodThe Darkholder (U • C • T) . One of those accounts has a Godwiki user page, at User:PogoPogo. When trying to look further, though, it appears that both of these accounts have been deleted from the game, and so there is nobody to make decisions about poor abandoned Ash Corde.

So, this message is probably for nobody. However, just in case this is of interest to somebody:

On this page here at Ash Corde the Hero template has a link to the page at The Darkholder and PogoPogo. There's nothing wrong with that, except that we are changing the way that the template works so that it will point people to a user page which doesn't exist at User:The Darkholder and PogoPogo.

There are several ways you could fix this, and with some more work on the Hero template, there may be a way for me to fix it for you in future. In the meantime, since neither of the two accounts who claimed this heroine exist, I will leave the page alone.

And if you do see this message, welcome back to Godville and the Godwiki! If you have any questions or need any help with this, please don't hesitate to ask. You can go to our Help:Requests page and ask for help and advice, or you can leave a message directly for me at User talk:Djonni. -- Djonni (talk) 10:05, 12 October 2019 (UTC)