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Different letter crafting result

As the title explitly stated, I am interested in results with deviating letter result. Especially, on its frequency compared to normal/bold/activable materials. If you have any experience with deviating letters, just post here to confirm whether certain combination is more common to deviate.

So far, I had this normal (p) + normal (p) = normal (s).

"06:32 p.m. Disassembled the prints of Persia and the permitted fruit, hoping to create something new out of them. The result exceeded all expectations — I reassembled everything and made a suspiciously-green lemon out of the remaining parts!"

Btw, I care about crafting because I always want to stock up on charges. I'm also always low on invites. Wise Polymath (talk) 11:46, 21 March 2017 (UTC)