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Talismans are powerful items to the heroes who possess them. They are available in various shops in town and in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes including: hearts of all varieties, planet-sized yellow moons, microscopically tiny orange stars, medium-sized green clovers, pixelated-oval blue diamonds, life-sized purple horseshoes, as well as the traditional hero stick-figures, initials, numbers, halos or horns, and guild symbols. Some shops carry the limited-edition versions including the mesmerizing double-rainbow, flying balloons, butterflies, various religious symbols, monster and pet likenesses, vials of various elements, talismans that glow-in-the-dark, and even invisible ones which are always kept locked in the display case. Heroes who have been around a long time may rarely consider hand-making their own talismans, but only if they cannot find a suitable one for an affordable price at the shop.

Talismans are considered lucky charms by heroes who say they improve their power during battle. A talisman tends to be some sort of sacred object which may have special powers. They give fighting heroes confidence and hope. When lost or broken, your hero will quickly venture to town in the hopes to repair or replace it with one equally sentimental. A hero without at talisman feels lost, and tends to take longer to get back to town than usual.

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