Syntax Terror

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Syntax Terror
Strong Monster
Class Demon
Habitat Where illiteracy reigns
Description No words can fit it correctly

The Syntax Terror is one of Godville's most terrifying monsters. It looks like a pile of sludge at first but actually comes in three forms. Sludge form, vapor form and mind siege form. These forms are all easily recognizable but are extremely lethal. Once in mind siege form your mind is taken over and is completely useless.

It feeds on weak minds and can only be killed once the hunger is satisfied. In order to break free, you must usually influence your hero. Steer clear of these beasts if you want to keep your life.

In vapor form it enters your brain and lungs slowly begins to liquefy your complete body in just a few minutes. Extremely gross and quite messy. PS Sludge form is just like it sounds....



  • Can reduce your hero/heroine to a puddle in minutes
  • Can easily control peoples minds


  • Extremely vulnerable to heat
  • Doesn't like smart alecs
  • While in Sludge form it can be broken up into pieces