Sweeny Toad

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Monsters of Godville
Sweeny Toad
Class Reptile
Habitat Swamps & Muddy Yards
Description Sweeney Toad

The Sweeney Toad is a monster and is one of the worst-looking answers to "what has a lot of hair?". That's because no one has ever come upon a Sweeney Toad nest and lived to tell about it. It has bony protrusions with which it uses to cause split ends to the hair of the hapless hero. It will also prick the hero if he or she tries to pet it, and try to feed off the blood droplets that result. There is only one thing that it seems to like better than hair - which is flies or gnats, so heroes who haven't bathed in awhile should especially be wary.



  • Can sing while it attacks
  • Blends in with dark, murky waters
  • Knows the recipe for blood pie


  • Flying insects of various kinds may divert its attention
  • Its ulterior motives are easily discovered
  • Needs to make frequent trips to the grocer for yeast