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Sundew is a neutral Goddess who spends her time in heaven Brushing her hair 100 strokes a day while listening to Pandora's box. She rains glitter When she's extremely happy and causes boils when she's very angry. She is an almighty Powerful and loving Goddess 80% of the time. The other 20% is spent Practicing her best Elvis- one eyebrow up face... While trying to Figure out the odd motives muggles down below have For the strange decisions they make... But she forgives sins quickly. Approx 3 days... But spinning around in a circle And standin on one leg while Blowing bubbles does speed up the forgiveness process...As well as playing the guitar for her. When sun dew is happy the world is a technicolor orchestra of plantlife, food, abundance of all sorts. When sundew is unhappy the sky is dark, the flowers wilt, hails, babies cry. Some Prophet once made a list of commandments which pleased the Goddess: 1. Always tell the truth unless it's more beneficial to Lie. 2. Thou may leave the Christmas tree up all year long as long as it matches each subsequent season/ holiday. 3. Thou should not eat Lima beans... Or serve them to any one as this is blasphemy. 4. Thou shall not peer at the tv behind the counter at the smoke shop, If so do not make eye contact and leave immediately. 5.Thou shall not eat bean burritos 24 hours prior to any yoga activity. 6. Always wear your life preserver even in the desert. 7. Never disturb an artist while they're creating except to kiss them. 8. Keep the sabbath day holy, always wear something glittery. 9. Manifest destiny is a yellow, spiritual occurrence that means you're on the right track. 10. Thou shall not wear polkadots unless you happen to be a zombie, or of zombie bloodlines.

-May the Sundew Goddess be with you... let your soul glow.