Sunbathing Vampire

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Monsters of Godville
Sunbathing Vampire
Vampiris solaris
A Sunbathing Vampire in urgent need of a fresh layer of lotion.
Class Demon
Habitat Hell, high school, and beaches
Totem for Righteous guild! ⚜️ 
Description This vampire wants a tan

The Sunbathing Vampire (Vampiris solaris) is an evil creature. It is almost invincible thanks to its super strength, and it will fly short distances while stalking potential victims. If the Sunbathing Vampire snags a bite of your hero or heroine, they will suffer the fate of eternal undeath. The main diet of the Sunbathing Vampire is heroic blood, although occasionally it has been known to eat salads if it needs to lose weight. The origins of the Sunbathing Vampire are not entirely clear, although it definitely originated somewhere in hell, or perhaps an abandoned temple's basement.

The Sunbathing Vampire is one of the most feared creatures in Godville. It is unknown to most heroes and heroines how to kill it. It is rumored that a stake made from the wood of the hawthorn tree driven straight through the heart, or a bullet made of silver shot through the heart can kill it. Cutting off the head of the Sunbathing Vampire can give your hero or heroine an advantage in a fight, although most heroes and heroines use the moment to simply run for their lives.

The Sunbathing Vampire frequents tanning salons on cloudy days, and usually leaves the staff unharmed. A smart hero or heroine will hide the Vampire's suntan lotion while the Vampire is otherwise engaged. That will slow down the Vampire significantly, as he'll have to deal with the long lines in pharmacies to get more. If you catch a glimpse of the Sunbathing Vampire who ventured out without suntan lotion, you will see a spectacular display of "to dust shalt thou return". Sunbathing Vampires have residual anxiety and trauma from their time in hell, which leads many of them down the road to alcoholism — hence their preference for heroic blood, for its high alcohol content. A smart hero or heroine will tempt the Vampire with a bottle of djinn and tonic, and sneak away while the Vampire is drinking its problems away.



  • Invariably strong, makes the Hulk look like a kitten.
  • Is able to fly short distances.
  • Fangs. Long pointy fangs.


  • Needs suntan lotion applied frequently.
  • Needs a head to see (unconfirmed).
  • Is partial to djinn and tonic, and, when face to face with a bottle, will usually end up drunk as a sailor.
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