Sumo Ninja

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Sumo Ninja
Strong Monster
Class Humanoid
Habitat Urban areas and dense forests
Description The monster's huge belly is masked behind stealthy ninja clothes and muscular arms

The Sumo Ninja is a monster that was once a regular Sumo wrestler who, having never won a match, gave up on his dream of being the world's greatest Sumo wrestler and set off on a journey.


He traveled across the country searching for some other career that is perfect for a big fat guy but found none -- for, alas, Santa Claus got the last job. Finally, when the Sumo wrestler was about to give up and go on a diet, he saw a sign advertising Ninja classes for fat people and signed up. Now he is a Sumo Ninja and could get his revenge on all the Sumo wrestlers who had mocked him and called him skinny. Now he searches for Heroes who are ignorant of the ways of the Sumo Ninja and shows off his skills by pummeling the unsuspecting Hero.

Sumo Ninjas have often left behind mystery boxes, which can help or harm your hero and it takes 50% of your god power.


Heroes should be wary when fighting Sumo Ninjas, as they like to throw smoke bombs then sit on the Hero till he cries uncle. The Sumo Ninja's size is also his greatest weakness, however; if the Hero can get behind the Sumo Ninja, he will find battle much easier, since the Sumo Ninja cannot turn around that fast.

The Sumo Ninja is a very tough monster; fights progress slowly and take a lot of HP to win.


A rare sidebreed of the Sumo Ninja is the Noisy Sumo Ninja which is even tougher and more time-consuming to defeat. Noisy Sumo Ninjas tend to breathe very heavily and are easily avoided, but the reward for their defeat is great.