Sum Yung Guy

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Sum Yung Guy
Champion of the God: Sum Auld Guy
Personality: A nice guy, sort of...
Gender: Male
Level: 15
Motto: I wanted a bike!
Guild: Arbitrary Legends
Guild Rank: Follower
Wins / Losses: 0 / 1
Temple Completion Date: In progress
Pet Type: None
Pet Name: None
Pet Level: 0
Pet Healing Count: 0
Favorite Town: Los Adminos
Most Hated Monster: Ctrl-Alt-Delinquent
Personal Rival: Everyone

Sum Yung Guy, hero of the god Sum Auld Guy, is a young man of simple needs. All he wants and ever wanted is a bike. But, due to a twist of fate, a cruel conspiration of circumstances or his god wishing to see his temple completed before the end of the world, our hero is for now condemned to roam the world and tackle whatever challenges awaits him. While looking for a bike.