Subtracting Adder

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Monsters of Godville
Subtracting Adder
Vipera Minuas
Class Snake
Habitat Universities, Grade Schools, Office Buildings, the Wilderness
Description Adder that Subtracts

Subtracting Adder (Vipera Minuas) is a monster that despite being an Adder, likes to subtract. It is an expert at math as long as the operation being used is subtraction. If it is not subtraction, the monster will refuse to solve the math problem. In order to identify this vicious foe, the key identifier of the Subtracting Adder is that it wears a small graduation hat on its head. It has a goal to "Subtract the Hero Population." But, before then, it was far more innocent.

General Information


Unlike the rest of its snake family, the Subtracting Adder has taken a more academic path in life and pursued a degree in mathematics at the University of Monstro City. It excelled in every math class it took and eventually got the diploma it wanted so badly. It began its career assisting scientists with mathematical calculations and its life was going smoothly... until one day it was at a local tavern enjoying a beer when all the sudden a drunk hero started rambling on how math is boring and useless. And, since the Subtracting Adder was somewhat tipsy, the two got into a bar fight that resulted in the hero's death. Since killing heroes is illegal in towns, including Monstro City, the Subtracting Adder was taken in to prison and its mathematical career ended with a sentence of five years for manslaughter. This began to make the Subtracting Adder go insane, since it could not cope with the fact that it killed someone. This brought it to a point where it began counting down the days it would be set free, which began its habit of only using subtraction to solve math. By the time it's sentencing was over, the Subtracting Adder was insane to a point where it had a thirst for blood and a desire to kill heroes. It would never be able to return to its old life again, and it vowed to itself, that just like numbers in math problems, it was going to subtract the hero population. It left Monstro City, and set out to kill heroes, laughing more maniacally than any killer clown could ever dream of laughing.


This monster, despite previously being a talented mathematician, has a very simple-minded way of calculating math equations. Here are a few examples:

  • e = mc^2 -> e = m - (c-c)
  • a^2 + b^2 = c^2 -> (a-a) - (b-b) = (c-c)

Basically, every operation is replaced with subtraction, resulting in disastrous results. Use the logic that Subtracting Adder uses against it. It always makes such calculations before striking to make sure the odds are in its favor.

In Combat

This monster is intelligent, cunning, and outright brutal. However, it tends to overthink its plans and even underestimate heroes. In order to subtract its health and kill it, heroes must be able to exploit its arrogance and kill it in ways that it would never expect. Fortunately, since it strictly uses subtraction for its calculations, this monster's calculations are less likely to be accurate, since it might think an incredibly large hero has a weight of -30 pounds, which isn't physically possible. It is also known that if anyone kills the Subtracting Adder, its hatred for all heroes is so strong that within a week, this monster will resurrect. From then, it will continue its quest to "Subtract the Hero Population."



  • Intelligent
  • Vicious
  • Remorseless
  • Has a diploma in Mathematics
  • Can be revived by its own hatred for heroes


  • Strictly uses Subtraction for calculations
  • Overthinks plans
  • Overconfident
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