Strawberry Fields

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Geography of Godville
Strawberry Fields
A picture of Strawberry Fields
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A long time ago, the admins created Godville. Among the many places they created the Lake of Life (where Healiopolis is currently settled), and from the lake four rivers branched. The river of medicine, that holds the water of the former four branches as well through the countryside. And a little stream of this river reached a lonely strawberry, this fruit grew into a small plant, that in turn created other tiny plants around her. This plants grew bigger and bigger thanks to the magic water, until they eventually formed a small forest. Much later, the heroes who discovered this forest saw it so small due to the distance that they called it "Strawberry Fields".


Nowadays Strawberry Fields is a big forest entirely composed of strawberry plants and tall grass. A special breed of sprites called Straw-fairies made their home in this place, they live inside the horse-sized strawberries and devote their activity to music and art. Heroes usually overlook this fact and will trespass in the forest to eat some giant strawberries. Straw-fairies don't usually fight back or even shout to the heroes as they are made of pure good, they just get really upset about it and politely ask the heroes to take small inhabited strawberries and turn around.


The Strawberry Fields are near Healiopolis, may a hero would like to visit them, he should find this place by following the southernmost stream flowing down from the River of Medicine.

For further help look for roadside markers such as the one referenced by this hero:

!Hero's Diary
11:22 I can never understand these roadside historical markers. Who is Cpr Perks of Strawberry Fields, and why should I care that she died here?

Extract form Danuit's diary (controlled by User:Some atheist) mentioning the Strawberry Fields:

!Hero's Diary
00:32 Just found out that the locals of Strawberry Fields have dubbed Wipeout186 and me “The Dream Team”! Apparently it's because we both pass out at the first sign of danger.

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