Strategies for Pet Healing

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To heal or revive a knocked out pet, your hero has to pay a priest to do it during the praying phase in any town. How much gold is needed depends on the pet’s level — as a guide, 500 gold per level is usually adequate. Reviving a pet quickly can actually level him up more quickly, or immediately. Gods can’t influence heroes to revive their pets directly in any way. Heroes will ignore voice commands like “visit a priest,” “heal your pet,” or “if you spent those coins on pet healing, you wouldn’t have to carry your pet around like Chewbacca lugging around C-3PO in Empire Strikes Back!” Despite this, gods can create circumstances to facilitate a hero to heal a pet. The basic strategy is to:

  1. Help hero gather enough coins for pet healing
  2. Send him to town to be sure he has a chance to heal the pet
  3. Prevent hero from wasting money

Remember, that even if you try very hard to get your hero to gather the coins, he may still spend all of those hard earned gold coins on beer or not visit the healer. This happens. It is not uncommon to hear a god complaining about how her hero spent 40,000 coins on a Ligerian investment instead of healing a level 5 pet. Don’t assume that just because a hero has more than enough coins to heal a pet, he isn’t going to waste it. Sometimes it takes a few town visits for a hero to visit the pet healer.

Gathering Enough Gold Coins

Since heroes will revive their pets during the praying phase at a temple, they will go through the money spending phase first. So, while pet healing costs around 450 gold coins for each level of the knocked out pet, a hero should collect more coins to provide a cushion for wasting coins. Some gods think that 10% is a good cushion while other gods prefer 25%. Generally, there is no such thing as too much cushion. There are a few things you can do to help your hero get gold coins. Before deciding on a strategy, it could be a good idea to consult the Daily Forecast in Godville Times and see what would be most effective. Here’s the list of possible strategies and ideas:

  • Be careful about using influences if you don’t have a completed temple yet — you don’t want to accidentally melt 3000 coins into a gold brick.
  • Give the "dig" voice of god command. This will hopefully influence the hero to dig and possibly find gold coins, an artifact, or unearth a boss-monster. Before you send the god voice, be sure your hero is not doing anything in particular (like fighting a monster or healing) and is out of town. Otherwise he’s going to ignore you and you’re just wasting godpower.
If an underground boss-monster is unearthed, be careful about encouraging while waiting for allies. Encouraging at this point can still melt gold coins into a gold brick. Instead, wait until the fight starts or give "heal" voice commands. Note, that if a hero is healed before the fight starts and he doesn’t find any allies, he will return to town with high health and might be more likely to waste money, see the prevent wasting section.
  • Send the hero to the dungeon (for heroes with a temple) and try to find the treasury. It could be a good idea to write into your guild council to find some active allies to go with you before you drop your hero down to the dungeon.
  • Activate an artifact to start a mini-quest or find a boss-monster to fight. This will hopefully help a hero gain additional gold coins and artifacts.
  • Sometimes (but rarely), a voice of god may deliver a shower of gold coins on the hero.
  • Send the command "complete quest faster." This will cause the hero to complete the current quest faster and move a step closer to acquiring a reward — hopefully gold coins or an artifact worth selling.
  • Win a battle in the arena to gain all of the opponent's gold coins. But remember, that if your hero is defeated, he will lose all his gold coins. Do this when you’re really low on coins and are prepared to spend charges on the fight if needed.
  • Rate every idea in the ideabox. This will double the hero's effectiveness of praying. So if a hero does pray, the god will receive twice as much godpower. With more godpower, a god can influence the hero more.
  • Turn on notifications and turn off Notification Timeframe, make sure you have notifications on for important events, such as duel or mini-quest start. This will let you know when something significant changes in the hero's life and you can take advantage of it.
  • Play Bingo in the newspaper. You’ll use a few artifacts, but if you get a good score, the reward can be higher than the gold you would have gotten for the artifacts.
  • You can try to combine artifacts to create an activatable artifact that can be activated to create coins. Although, this can be quite tricky. For more information check out the crafting section in Artifacts.
  • Join a powerful or influential guild. You probably won’t be able to do this before the time limit runs out, but it’s good to know that heroes in well known guilds tend to receive a significant amount of gold coins when they visit towns either through followers' donations or as a share of guild profits. The guild pantheons track the most powerful and influential guilds.

Prevent Wasting Gold Coins

Unfortunately, most heroes aren't smart or determined. They have a tough job, so they will often waste gold coins on food, drinks, parties, or sucky rock concerts. Fortunately, there are a few ways to discourage a hero from wasting hard earned coins. To bypass the drinking routine consider the following:

  • Heroes will tend to waste more money in Bumchester, Beerburgh, El Herado, Herolympus, Herowin, and Los Adminos. Try to avoid these towns, check the map of Godville for the closest town and its properties before you send your hero back to town.
  • Heroes transported to the arena tend to avoid wasting gold coins after a fight. Sending the hero to the arena is easy, but risky. Remember that if a hero loses the fight, all his coins will go to the winner and he will have to start saving all over again.
  • Heroes returning to a town with a health bar in the red tend to avoid wasting gold. For heroes with temples, a god can just punish a few times to quickly reduce health. For heroes without temples, this is a little risky — because a punish can melt 3000 gold coins into a gold brick. If your hero’s traveling back to town with high health, you can try to give a ”dig” command to your hero and possibly unearth a boss-monster. You can the either lose the fight to be very low on health (keep in mind, that hero fleeing a boss-monster fight may need to bribe the boss-monster with a few gold coins, usually less than wasting them) or try to defeat the boss-monster and end the fight with low health. Naturally, this is preferable to the fleeing option, so it can pay off to pay close attention to the fight and try not to loose.
  • Get your hero an aura, there’s a chance of getting a very useful one, such as the aura of abstinence. Completing the Godville Times crossword will grant you a random aura. Alternatively, auras can be activated with special artifacts like an Ambience fluxator, Flux incapacitor, or Small hadron collider. See crafting section in Artifacts to find out how to attempt to make them.
  • Use the combine voice command to prevent your hero going to town too soon after filling his inventory. A hero with full inventory will always return to town, even if he’s high on health. To prevent this, use the combine voice command before the inventory bag gets completely full.

Sending Hero to Town

Once your hero gathers enough gold coins, he needs to get to town to find a priest. So once you’re happy with the amount of gold he’s carrying, you should send him to town. He might not revive the pet on the first visit, but that means you should just try again later. Wait for him to get injured, and then, as long as he has enough coins, send him back to town.