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Artifacts of Godville
Strange brew
Strange brew.jpg
Type Normal
Description The name says it all -- a brewed beverage which does not have the usual characteristics.
Value 30 - 50 gold coins
« "Strange Brew: Kill what's inside of you."


Strange brew is an artifact in Godville, often acquired as the treasure when a heroine kills a monster. It has a modest value, and can be exchanged for gold coins at a trader's shop (or when a roadside trader is encountered).

Mythical Origins

According to the myth,[1] strange brew was first made by a mad witch wearing an outfit of electric blue. She went on a ocean voyage through a dangerous storm, and somehow this lead to the invention of strange brew.[2] Another version of the story attributes its creation to some kind of "glue-based she-demon."[3] The truth may lie somewhere in between these two legends.


Strange brew was obviously designed to be imbibed,[4] but the effects of its consumption are neither refreshment nor intoxication. Heroines can use it as a powerful de-worming agent. Any parasites in the heroine's system will be instantly exterminated on contact with the liquid. That being said, most heroines are sad and lonely travelers who enjoy the company of their tapeworms or Toxoplasma gondii.[5] As a result, the overwhelming majority of adventurers simply sell off the strange brew, using the resulting coins to buy some standard brew at a standard bar.[6]

Cultural Legacy

If you won't miss them too much...

Most of our current knowledge of the history of a strange brew comes from a lyric poem[7] written many thousands of days Before Godville (b.g.), though its accuracy has been disputed by Mad Witch Anti-Defamation League as well as several music critics. Everyone agrees, however, that strange brew will, in fact, kill what's inside of you.


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