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Squirtle Squad
Motto: Hurry! I see some beers this way!
Alignment: peaceful
Leader: GodPixelus Ii 
Membership Count: 73
Pantheon of unity Rank: 316
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 234
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 131
Forum Headquarters: Squirtle Squad
Guild Page: Squirtle Squad 
Data current as of 29th January, 2016
  • This page was translated from Squirtle to all humans understand what we are saying, Squirtle?!

Greetings. You came to the right neighborhood, bro. Welcome to the Squirtle Squad!

About Squirtle Squad

  • We are a friendly community of free Squirtles (Hey! Even our alignment is peaceful).
  • Share the same love for Squirtles and be part of this guild! C'mon... Squirtles are awesome!

I want to join!

Hey, that's good! You are welcome to join us. First, you must have all these 4 conditions:

  1. Your hero(ine) is over level 12;
  2. Promise to be nice to the members in the Guild Concil chat. Damn, we are all Squirtles now!;
  3. True connoisseur of good beers like Blastoineken or Squirtella Artois;
  4. Don't like to drink Bulba Weiser. You know, it taste like vine...gar.

If you fill all these requirements, send this command below to your hero(ine):

  • join the "Squirtle Squad" guild (usually it works but make sure he/she isn't battling when you do that. You can find more information here.)
Photo of Squirtle's Squad just passing by
This is dangerous! Don't try this at home, boys.

Squirtle Squad's Guild

Guild Leaders

Squad Members

# God(dess) Hero(ine) Motto Rank
1 GodAudrick  Lyndriel Follow the white rabbit? regent
2 GodZev Black  Zev Lupus Wubba-lubba-dub-dub regent
3 GodZorpina  Tzigana Maker shall guide thee. regent
4 GodTkappleton  Teakalicious Giggitty giggitty goo! regent
5 GodPixelus Ii  Teophyr The Fifth One matriarch
6 GodYami Akatsuki  Nagato Uzumaki Love is sacrifice... patriarch
7 GodHoney Badger 1321  Drake The Mighty For Honor And Glory patriarch
8 GodNoobist13  Lucretio Eat me! patriarch
9 GodLastsaneone  Lastsaneone Whatcha waiting for? patriarch
10 GodBay08  RandomFan ballin' patriarch
11 GodCeriil  Siries Why so Siries? matriarch
12 GodQueen of Outer Space  Yoo Eun Soo Earnest desire makes fate matriarch
13 GodLordGeneral  LordGeneral to the bar patriarch
14 GodDave Gorman  Chopper Reid Atheism Rocks. hierarch
15 GodAlmighty Trinity  The Holy Child For Squirtle Squad!!! hierarch
16 GodBelfox  Cyrus Erabore Hit em with a freeze pop! hierarch
17 GodDarkstarJr  Majestic Hustle Loyalty Respect cardinal
18 GodIxolite  Uttrakad Eating heals all wounds! cardinal
19 GodNinja Professor  Liz-chan The Cake is a LIE! cardinal
20 GodTuca  Maria Eugenia don't panic! cardinal
21 GodWVLKBOZZ  Ovatch Listen awhile and stay. grand master
22 GodDinoTubz  Bela Sarius Murder Hobo grand master
23 GodSaphyre  Rubye Cookies! grand master
24 GodThe mighty huss  Markus jade-rider ㄟ( ̄▽ ̄ㄟ) advisor
25 GodTroncete  Icgo 500GoldBricks=1500000Gold advisor
26 GodLuan I  Luan II Winter is coming! chief master
27 GodBoots the cat  Shoesies Everybody lies! chief master
28 GodThe Obsidious  Jon Snow III FREE BEER!! chief master
29 GodKennist  Katharine kat Eat me! chief master
30 GodMarcello21  Marcellogod sup chief master
31 GodAmmiria  Azura Shadowfighter The beacons are lit! chief master
32 GodKlug  Tarvy Not in the face! master
33 GodQuillisia  Quilly For pony! master
34 GodAgawain  Agawain They shall rise again. master
35 GodMalbere  Lan Al Mandragoran I don't have any opinions master
36 GodBelzulbub  Lurgren Never trust master
37 GodRockwolf  Formidable Rocksy Don't panic! master
38 GodAnnie Zhao  Syxkitsune Aye mateys! master
39 GodMumbly Hippo  Tendinitis Meep meep! master
40 GodSuper villian  Dave the believer Eat me! master
41 GodDahliapoo  Cassipuffs Don't panic! master
42 GodDog gone  Gomersh For dog and beer master
43 GodBoyko  Human Faize master
44 GodAasera  Shikyo We're all a little mad... master
45 GodKaiRay  Laxun War never changes! master
46 GodMeercy  Voidless come to papa master
47 GodChristopher1304  Achilles1304 For Glory!!! master
48 GodBacon Avenger  Sven Hamhock There is no spoon! master
49 GodLancer Lot  Maggo Don't panic! master
50 GodApollodoros  Miyamoto-Musashi Legen-wait for it-dary! master
51 GodFollys Fool  Fools Folly Jiggle Knights Unite! master
52 GodBluetaco6  Apple pieqeueueuei hail hydra follower
53 GodAhxela  Kiroan Winter is coming! follower
54 GodBjornx  Baileyjayx love the wreckingball!!!! follower
55 GodKrabkakekalekyle  Soda Bottle Come at me Bro follower
56 GodTomoya24  Marcy25 Lets go just one on two follower
57 GodJan the Glorious  Croxley F*** it, i`m going home follower
58 GodXXZoanXx  Ladystarlord go up follower
59 GodInzinati  Inzinati Insane இ follower
60 GodKratos086  Kradar Radark Something Short and Witty follower
61 GodGelios  Al-Japote There is no spoon! follower
62 GodLord Bum Bum  Bumbington Everybody lies! follower
63 GodTaloon  Erdrick Dragonslayer Kittens save lives! follower
64 GodNyctalis  Noctula Things just happen, WTH follower
65 GodLike Awesome And Ya  Dummy Mcdum get rekd follower
66 GodRohrly  Svea Soerensen Winter is coming! follower
67 GodElPueblo  Psx Mannaia follower
68 GodGorgalord  Groot12 I am Groot12 follower
69 GodTheFancyTurtle  Ser Turtles Tuuuurrrttle! recruit
70 GodIns  Ins War never changes! recruit
71 GodZenZex  Yuoi ASAINS RULE! recruit
72 GodGravitar7  Sir Porker You Shall Not Pass! intern
73 GodDschihejns  Dschihejns Everybody lies! intern
74 GodZrewfoH  Verbena Winter is coming! intern