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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Spirit of Halloween
Class Seasonal Spirit
Habitat Haunted houses, corn mazes, Halloween parties
Description Unknown
Boss Type Mini-Quest

The Spirit of Halloween is an above-ground boss-monster whose first recorded appearance was on 1st November 2016.


The Spirit of Halloween lies dormant for most of the year and only becomes active in autumn. As the days pass in the autumn months, it gradually gains power until it finally reaches its maximum power (slightly under 9000) on the 31st of October, also known as Halloween. Upon reaching its most powerful state, the Spirit of Halloween becomes corporeal and roams the lands of Godville as a boss-monster.


The Spirit of Halloween takes its day of power as well as its accompanying festival very seriously. Woe betide heroes and heroines who do not show the Spirit proper respect by participating in Halloween activities, for they will be attacked by the monster. The monster has so far been known to attack hapless folk who have committed the following affronts: refused to wear costumes or go trick-or-treating, thrown away perfectly good Halloween candy, abstained from watching horror movies and used the 'spoopy' meme in vain.

The Spirit of Halloween can only do this until winter comes, after which it reverts to an incorporeal form and hides away until autumn arrives the following year.





  • Easily insulted
  • Really needs to chill
  • Unable to resist any and all things pumpkin, including Jack-o-Lanterns, pumpkin pies and pumpkin spice lattes
  • Disappears in the winter (Some say that it does this to make room for its relative, the Spirit of Christmas. The veracity of this claim has yet to be proven since a Spirit of Christmas monster has not yet been found.)
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