Speed Sloth

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Speed Sloth
Celeritate acedia
Strong Monster
Class Mammal
Habitat Forest
Description Large furry thing with really long claws

Traveling at an astonishing speed, the Speed Sloth (Celeritate acedia) isn't your typical Bradypodidae.

This three-toed monstrosity attacks viciously with its claws, probably because it mistook your hero's face for some hideous insect. The Speed Sloth lives in arboreal environments, mainly dense jungles and lush forests. The Speed Sloth is considered a scientific phenomenon because it has a very specialized, fast-acting stomach. This is hypothesized to have occurred because a loss of symbiotic bacteria that assisted in the digestion of leaves. Instead, this newly evolved species prefers to dine on anything that moves. Go figure.



  • Very fast
  • Very big
  • Very grumpy


  • Is quickly bored
  • Doesn't like to get wet
  • In-grown toenails