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|✵||Hotness dungeon hint||Hot and cold hints show up as ✵ Freezing/Very Cold → ❄ Cold → ☁ Mild → ♨ Warm → ☀ Hot → ✺ Burning/Very Hot. These symbols don't point to any direction but indicate how close you are towards the treasure. The closer you are the hotter it gets. They are the only kind of treasure hint given in a dungeon of Hotness.
|!||Special room||Seen in dungeons of Clarity, where nearby unexplored special rooms are indicated with this symbol. Only illuminates 1 room in each direction. Once the party moves on, the room returns to the "?" symbol. Once explored, these rooms will become regular explored rooms. You will find things like artifacts, gold, traps, etc. You will also find traps, becarefull!
[[Pets]] with a [[Pets#Types of pets|dungeon ability]] will also cause these marks to appear on the map. Again, they mark any kind of special room, but unlike Clarity dungeons the mark can appear at any distance and never disappears until the room is explored.

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