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=== The Incomplete Origins ===
A long time ago, an unnamed bureaucrat slighted the {{hero or heroine}} of a powerful deity in inside the city town of []Tradeburg. Once their {{god or goddess | invert=yes}} took notice of said wrongdoing, they {{he or she | invert=yes}} sought vengance for their {{his or her | inverted=yes}} cherished {{hero. or heroine}} After many, ''many'' attempts to coax them back to []Tradeburg, they were the {{god or goddess | invert=yes}} was able to find and punish the bureaucrat. The resulting godpower, however, didn't destroy {{himor her}}. Instead, they {{he or she}} transformed into the first Bureau-cat.
Further documents describing the rise of Bureau-cat population have yet to be found. However, it can be theorized that similar circumstances would increase the amount of Bureau-cats up to the point at which they could reproduce normally.

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