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Appearance, Identification, and Origin: added theory
The Beerburglar. like its cousin the [[Heroes|Common {{Hero or Heroine}}]] is a humanoid being. It has a slightly short stature with averages heights of 170 cm in the male variety and 150 cm in the female variety, which gives it some feelings of insecurity. <ref name="height">Reality Show Host. (1303 g.e.). "How Tall Are These Monsters? Lets Find Out." [[Godville Times]] TV </ref> It has hair on its head, eyebrows, a nose and a mouth. Two ears, two eyes, two feet, two toes and oftener than not, really sore knees. It is in other words, indistinguishable from any {{hero or heroine}}, at least on the basis of a first glance. Beerburglars almost always appear heavily laden with flasks, but again that is no clear sign and could easily be a {{hero or heroine}}. It is then, only on behaviour and alimentation that Beerburglars can be identified.
Though it is true that in physical appearance, Beerburglars are practically indistinguishable from {{heroes or heroines}}, they can still be identified from their behavioral patterns.  The easiest indicator that a humanoid creature is possibly a Beerburglar is first of this indicators being if it the [[monster]] is pointing something at you that appears to be not sharp enough to slice, but enough to hack and confer tetanus, and demanding all your booze. Thus, even if this is not a Beerburglar it certainly is a beer burglar. A second way to identify the Beerburglar is by very close observation over a period and you can be certain of timehaving lighter travels after that. For Another indicator requires more intense scrutiny, for while it is commonly believed that {{heroes or heroines}} consume nothing but only copious amounts of alcoholand nothing else, it is not this statement actually holds true. A true for Beerburglar does consume nothing but copious amounts of alcohol and somehow still survives's. Its secret exists in its second liver-like organWhile {{heroes or heroines}} need actual sustenance, which appears due tothe Beerburglar's extra organ, besides stopping alcohol poisoning, to be it is also able to extract all necessary nutrients for the survival of the Beerburglarfrom it's alcohol, even some that were the ones not present in the alcohol in the first placebooze beforehand. How this process takes place is unknownIf after prolonged observations, but it is due you see a being that seems to this that if be a humanoid {{hero or heroine}} looking creature is found to truly Beerburglar consume nothing at all besides alcoholno non-alcoholic foods, they can you be identified as pretty sure that it is a Beerburglarafter all. Of course, this information is only necessary if the Beerburglar does not self-identify Lastly, and the reader need not memorize it, as Beerburglars as prone to doing just so. The true easiest identifier of a Beerburglar is it yelling "I'm a Beerburglar. Rraaaaaagh!"
Where do these mysterious creatures come from? That is a pretty good question, and if you really want to know, go out into the field and find out yourself. From the relative safety of a laboratory with the comfortingly nonviolent presence of a deceased Beerburglar, [[Healiopolis|Healiopolis's]] leading minds have come up with the following theories:
=== Hero Transformation Theory ===
This theory suggests that Beerburglars are not truly a separate and distinct subspecies of the [[Heroes|Common {{Hero or Heroine}}]] but actually a corrupted and godless version. This most prevalent of theories regarding the origin of a Beerburglar suggests that Beerburglars were once like any other innocent {{hero or heroine}}, content in bashing in [[monster]] brains, stealing their [[gold]] and [[artifacts]], returning to [[town]] and getting their booze the honest way; with the [[gold]] scavenged from the corpses of their dead foes. The Beerburglar, by some variable that has not yet been isolated, veered to a new path and cut out the middleman. It would instead ignore the cries of its {{god or goddess}} that called it to complete [[quests]] and gain glory by killing enemies, and instead take its beer by thievery. Turning away from their god like this, Beerburglars ent   You might organize some information into lists:* How undergo a mutation brought on by moral degeneration. The lack of benign influence, causes the cells to recognize this monster* Tips for battling this monster* Other distinguishing featuresfollow the lead of their master and decide that they too, can do whatever they want, and so they go wild, growing an extra liver so as to welcome more alcohol and going on vacation to the brain, where they cause havoc and instill desires to rob and steal even more as well as to keep the alcohol coming.
Whatever you think will be interesting and helpful to other gods, that's what you should include in your article.=== Vengeful God Theory ===
An Attributes section can be This theory, the more popular among a good way to wrap up a monster articlecertain type of intellectuals, places the blame not on the creature itself, but squarely among with the heavens. It usually has two subsections: a list states that the Beergurlars are simply the results of another failed attempt to get {{heroes or heroines}} out of Strengthsthe [[tavern]] and onto the road again, then seeking more glory. The supposed plan was to take all the booze by force, with the aid of a list new minion: the Beerburglar. Taking the basic model of Weaknessesthe [[{{hero or heroine}}]], the [[{{gods or goddesses}}]] decided to create one that would be able to take all the alcohol from [[Godville]] and down it in one go. This theory supposes that the [[{{gods or goddesses}}]] never took into account that more beer could be produced and so their plan failed.
== Attributes ==

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