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Appearance, Identification, and Origin
=== Hero Transformation Theory ===
This theory suggests that Beerburglars are not truly a separate and distinct subspecies of the [[Heroes|Common {{Hero or Heroine}}]] but actually a corrupted and godless version. This most prevalent of theories regarding the origin of a Beerburglar suggests that Beerburglars were once like any other innocent {{hero or heroine}}, content in bashing in [[monster]] brains, stealing their [[gold]] and [[artifacts]], returning to [[town]] and getting their booze the honest way; with the [[gold]] scavenged from the corpses of their dead foes. The Beerburglar, by some variable that has not yet been isolated, veered to a new path and cut out the middleman. It would instead ignore the cries of its [[{{god or goddess]] }} that called it to complete [[quests]] and gain glory by killing enemies, and instead take its beer by thievery. Turning away from their god like this, Beerburglars ent

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