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[[heroine]]The '''Beerburglar''' (''Homo Heros Vocatus'') is a humanoid [[monster]] often found lurking outside of towns and settlements, wanted in connection to a variety subspecies of thefts involving separating the [[Common {{heroes Hero or heroinesHeroine}} from their hard earned booze]]. Though there is not much outward distinction between the [[Common {{Hero or Heroine}}]] (Homo Heros) and the Beerburglar, it was granted subspecies status due to large differences present in brain structure and overall nervous system<ref name="boozeAttack">[[Mad Scientist]] (1345 g.e.).'' The Common Hero and Subsets Thereof''. Society for the Protection of the [[Monster]] </ref> and an extra organ present in the Beerburgler that seems to function as an overflow liver <ref name="Attack"> [[GodvilleMad Scientist]] Secreg Police (2000 1345 g.e.) "Criminal offences committed during . '' The Common Hero and Subsets Thereof''. Society for the protection of the [[Monster]] </ref>.The common name Beerburgler was coined in the 1900 2000 g.e. - Criminal Affairs Public Report issued by the [[Godville]] Secret Police<ref name="Police">{{Jane or John}} Smith, Chief Analyst of the [[Godville]] Secret Police (2000 g.e. period). " Criminal Affairs Public Report". [[Godville]] City Council Millenium ReportSecret Police</ref>where it was noted that along with the [[Beer Mugger]], a close biological relative of the Beerburglar, an estimated 60% of alcohol related robberies and thefts could be traced back to those two [[monsters]]. == Appearance and Origin ==
== Appearence and Origin == The Beerburglar bears strong ressemblance resemblance to its near cousin, the [[heroes|Common {{Hero or Heroine}}]], and can often be mistaken for one by the unwary and careless. It is in fact, a much more dangerous subspecies that is 1.25X more prone to unprovoked violent attack.
<ref name="Attack">[[Mad Scientist]] (1345 g.e.). '' The Common Hero and Subsets Thereof''. Society for the protection of the [[Monster]] </ref>
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* Weakness
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