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Gathering Parts: Updated number of possible boss parts
Assembling a boss-monster requires 100 additional [[creatures|pairs]] (past the 1,000 initial pairs) and one each of 10 parts: fur, horns, ear, eye, heart, rib, fillet, paw, hoof, and tail. Parts can be either looted from defeated boss-monsters or obtained through [[fishing]]. Parts from an exploded boss-monster (listed as a "shred of the boss-monster") are not usable (or capable of being placed) in the lab. Boss-monster parts from an explosive boss-monster that did not manage to explode are still usable.
The lab can only store one of each part at a time. A hero with monster parts in their inventory will automatically send them to the lab upon their next arrival at a town if the lab has an empty slot for that kind of part. More than one part can be sent per arrival up to at least 23, but possibly more.
{{quote|author=--Cecilia Fletcher, Heroine's Diary|Sent a parcel with the fillet of the [[Oxydjinn]] and hoof of the Oxydjinn to the lab.}}

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