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Strong Monsters of Godville
Software Giant
Software Giant.jpg
Strong Monster
Class Giant
Habitat Anywhere with computers
Description Bags under bloodshot eyes

The Software Giant is a monster that enjoys making occasional puns while ripping the arms off its victims.

Little is known of this creature. Because of its irregular sleeping hours, they are often seen with black bags under their eyes and in a very, very bad mood. Because of their huge size and addiction to anything related to computers, the Software Giant has become a regular insomniac with back problems.



  • Very smart with numbers
  • Makes very good omelets (that actually end up as scrambled eggs, but the Software Giant is very sensitive about this stuff)
  • Known to repeatedly smash keyboards viciously over the heads of its unfortunate victims


  • Sometimes asks for back rubs from your hero (a huge opportunity to brush up on those massage lessons that you've been ignoring)
  • Moans a lot
  • Unable to pat stomach and rub head at the same time
  • Loses socks