Small hadron collider

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Artifacts of Godville
Small hadron collider
Like one of these, but smaller.
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description "An aura generator to bring in your pocket!"
Cost 50% of godpower
Effect Grant an Aura

This is the Small hadron collider, or SHC. Do not confuse it with the large one as you will be scolded by physicists or physical science interns.

Unlike the full-sized version, this one does not actually smash particles. It actually smashes poor heroes who happen to have the name Hadron. Luckily, your hero does not know that so he or she is probably safe. More than likely. Hopefully.

The aura that is generated from the activation of this artifact is random, and has no bearing on the periodic table of elements' number your hero might think of at the time of its actual activation despite rumors to the contrary.

This item will not sell for as many coins as you think it should, because it is made of aluminum alloys to make it lighter which was a manufacturing requirement in order to make it more portable for heroes than the regular-sized versions on the market.

Instructions for use

This item gives a random aura to the hero (requires 50% of godpower)