Sleepless Hollow

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Geography of Godville
Sleepless Hollow
Description Unknown

The Sleepless Hollow is an ancient and peculiar valley that carries a strange curse. Any creatures that enter the hollow no longer require sleep which seems quite nice actually. Also, there is a headless horseman roaming around here who will kill you, which isn't so nice, but definitely brings the tourists.


The Sleepless Hollow is directly west of Anville. It is brighter than its counterpart the Wastelands of Insomnia, with grassy rolling hills and trees, though an unsettling air still hangs over the land. The place is half the size of the Wastelands, so Heroes have the option of going around to reach Anville; but well equipped ones can traverse the land easily, so long as they're fast on their feet.


While the place isn't as psychologically dangerous as the Wastelands of Insomnia, the lack of REM sleep and dreaming can sometimes hurt the Hero. He or she may start to hallucinate and hear more God voices than usual.

Monsters have evolved to the point where just sitting down and closing their eyes for a few minutes gives the same effect as a nap. Because of this new adaptation, Heroes must be on guard constantly to stay alive. Unfortunately, this continuous state of alert takes a heavy toll on the body and the hero may lose health because of it.

Territories and Landmarks
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