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Guild Slayers consists of dark souls known ville-wide for their ruthless slaying.

Slayers share in their clever subverting actions, their greed matched only by their murderous tendencies. They kill anything and everything, from goblins and ghouls to fuzzy rabbits and unicorns. Watch patiently and you may notice one stabbing away at his/her own body! Drawing up plans with strategy are afterthoughts to haste and intuition -- consequence gives way to urgency.

Community and ranks have little meaning to Slayers. Only formally classified as a guild, Slayers typically go it on their own. Apparent camaraderie is almost always a ploy, bloodshed ensues in due time. Be warned that classes have little meaning -- Slayers willfully disguise themselves as lower caste if it puts them closer to their prey.

If you find yourself honored with a Slayer guild badge, meet behind the Godville tavern at dusk - we are eager to welcome you...