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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Class Undead
Habitat Subterranean
Description Polished bone encased in the flesh of the recently defeated
Boss Type Above-Ground

The Skelebrity is, for the most part, a normal, run of the mill, skeleton save for two things: he's rich and famous.


The Skelebrity stars in a soap opera about the young and restless skeleton mob running a general hospital which has been on air for 200 years. He started his long, illustrious career in the beginning of said show back when he still had decomposing flesh hanging on to his tailbone and left bottom rib. His acting career has made him the most recognizable skeleton in the catacombs beneath Los Demonos.

His Renown goes much farther than the maze of the catacombs but everywhere else he is only famous for a scandal involving female-to-male transgender skeleton prostitutes (these skeletutes grinded their hip-bones until their pelvic bone was narrow, like the pelvic bone of a male human. It's a one-way process).


The Skelebrity gets angered whenever he sees people that have more muscle-mass than him and easily flies into a blood rage. He copes with this and with the skelefame with an addiction to milk and calcium supplements. Milk is hard to come by in the catacombs of Los Demonos and skelepeople consume them like kalaxian crystals and meth mixed together. This regularly leads the Skelebrity to leave the catacombs to journey the milestones in search of cows to obtain milk and elderly travelers to obtain calcium supplements. Cow pastures lie tens of miles apart so Skelebrity finds himself stalking the milestones for the elderly.

He also takes this time to raise the skelepeople population. He goes about this by using his sword to scrape off pesky flesh encumbering his skelebrethren then speaking an incantation for skelife and employing his new crew as milk and calcium procurement specialists. 50 years of this pattern has resulted in him being the biggest M&C (milk and calcium) kingpin in the entire subterranean world yet is not known to be "El Lechero," (The Milkman) which is the identity given to the infamous M&C distributer.

Skelebritys' addiction to M&C has only served to make him stronger. 50 years of consumption has made him denser, broader, and taller than any other bipedal skeleton in the realm. His armor is made up of different adornments torn from many fleshies' bodies that he then melded and riveted together. The sword he wields is cast from heat-tempered steel and imbued with a rune that leeches calcium from his enemies.

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