Silent Knight

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Monsters of Godville
Silent Knight
Class Humanoid
Habitat Countryside
Artifact Voicebox
Description Shiny but stealthy warriors

A Silent Knight is a member of a brash order of knights whose arrogance and constant boasting was legendary.


One day, the order met around their famed Hexagonal Table when one of the knights boasted that he had been sleeping with the High Wizard's daughter. Unfortunately, the High Wizard just happened to be in ear-shot and cursed the entire order and all their descendants to forever exist in a cone of silence so that no one would have to suffer their infernal boasting.

Devastated by the fact that they would forever be unable to regale the populace with their heroic deeds, the knights of the order became bitter and cruel. Their members now roam the countryside in search of victims who they endeavor to doom to an eternity of silence through the veil of death.



  • Armour and weapons do not make a sound making the knights hard to detect
  • Skilled with their fine equipment
  • Around 25th December every year, all of these knights exhibit an unexplained boost in their magical abilities


  • Overconfident to a fault, giving their opponents unnecessary opportunities
  • Easily distracted by the fairer sex
  • Do not like to cooperate with each other, but there is strength in numbers.