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Monsters of Godville
Class Machine
Habitat The trail
Description An overly complex machine

The Shift-Shaper is a monster that is an overly complex machine life form. In fact, it is so complex that it is somewhat unreliable and subject to breaking down.

General Information

A Shift-Shaper would truly be an ingenious machine if it worked. It has been seen in numerous varieties of shapes and forms, including having any number of wheels. At times, a hero may be tempted to ride a Shift-Shaper when on a long quest, but the rider should be wary because a Shift-Shaper may choose to change shape at any time and will most likely break down and hurt the heroine.

The Shift-Shaper isn't truly hostile, but it does have parts that can nip, punch, and kill the hero . It also has speakers that blurt words out, tricking the hero into thinking the Shift-Shaper speaks, hence certain diary entries.

No one knows exactly where the Shift-Shaper came from. A handful of reports say that it seems to poorly mass produce itself, but the manufacturing plants are either very far away or very well hidden.

The Shift-Shaper is most often found on the trail. They are rather noisy; a rickety clunking can be heard followed by explosive backfires and bellows of black smoke. No one could sneak up on another person riding one of these.

Some heroines have reported the Shift-Shaper leaving behind a few coins and useful artifacts, including a leather rope.

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