Seven winds home

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seven winds home
Alignment: neutral
Totem Monster: Tropical Yeti
Gold Fund: 23674 c.u.
Membership Count: 36
Town with Greatest Influence: Bosswell (1%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 114
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 202
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 32
Pantheon of adventure Rank: 199
Forum Headquarters: seven winds home
Guild Page: seven winds home 
Data current as of 25 November. 2019

Welcome to our friendly guild «Seven winds home»

We are glad to welcome heroes of any kind. We always have lovely buns for every taste and freshly brewed tea and our house is always warm and cozy. So if you’re tired, need a rest, advice or just a tasty bun, join us.

About us

Girl with her dress blown by the Seven Winds ...

«Seven winds home» [七つの風の家] - A friendly, happy guild of mercenaries with varying degrees of spitefulness and kindness. Local gods are famously windswept and have narrow eyes due to millennia of squinting to see through the winds.

Even through the Seven winds, the Trade Winds, the Passat, the Blizzard, the Typhoon, the Tornado, the Gale and the Storm, the gods always find their way home to buns and tea. The most powerfull member is GodGsxrboy  <3

Facts about the guild

сlan symbol
  • The Guild "Seven winds home" was originally founded on December 19, 2010 by the departed GodArtemius Great .
  • The original page was also created by GodArtemius Great  and by GodOlegra 
  • We are here, and our current member list here
  • The guilds symbol on the right was probably created by GodOlegra 

  • Our guild won first place in the pantheon of unity on January 20, 2011
  • GodSilver Surfer  built the first temple of our guild on April 07, 2011!
  • The second temple owner - GodGsxrboy on February 05, 2012! Our congratulations!
  • Our guild broke the Top 20 for Guild Popularity on November 14th, 2018. We placed 11th, earning the right to have a top guild rank. Our top guild rank is mistral.
  • Our guild totem is the Tropical Yeti.
  • Maybe we avoided deletion!


Currently our leader is GodRuthlessgoddess . Seven Winds Home has had recent success in electing guild leaders. Our glorious leader is often selected after playing a robust round of the game, "Who wants to be the leader? Not it!" Fortunately, the losers have been gracious enough to run, and we have been fortunate enough to gather the votes needed to install them. Seven Winds Home latest election cycle was a contested election, in which we were fortunate enough to elect a guild leader. We look forward to continuing this expansion of interest in our guild.

Historically, in Seven Winds Home tradition, most members were either battling the hordes of the undead, (or soon to be dead), or having a nice round of buns and beverages and didn't do much in the way of voting, or selecting, or try to get elected. That was okay, because mmmmm buns.

The first elected leader was GodSaulus , given that he was the only candidate.

Creative page

Of course, we have a few poems that can be attributed to our guild, and who inspire us to various acts. For example, great song "Kaze no machi he".

English translate:

Please, take me to the town of wind

On the other side of time

Please, grant the wish

Of my pure white flower

Grab me by the hand with your gentle fingers

And take me far away

Guide me to your world

So I can be with you

Without even a whisper of your song on this fateful afternoon

Two lovers awake to become one

For the first time, they'll learn what true happiness is

Take me away

Your singing voice resounds

All through my heart loudly and sadly

On a night where I sleep without knowing the meaning of happiness


Together, we can go

The great distance

Beyond a dream I don't know yet

To the town of wind

You can download it here