Send in the clowns

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Quests of Godville
Send in the clowns
Clown 1.jpg
Send in the clown, singular. Not so scary.

Send in the clowns is a mini-quest, the first quest in the chain which ends with fighting the Mad Clown.

Some Heroes think that this quest is a bit of a laugh, you know, just a joke. Well they all think that at first.

Little do they realise the full bowel-trembling terror that comes from facing an unpredictable rampaging clown running on full random event outcome.

Imagine facing this...

  • a sock full of custard to the face
  • knocked flat by a plank of wood, only to be knocked flat again as you regain your feet as the clown spins around
  • ferrets down the trousers
  • a humorous trombone over the head, played loudly
  • being offered non-alcoholic beer (shudder)

It's all the stuff of childhood nightmares. It's enough to send the strongest Hero running for his blanket and teddy bear.

So Heroes, gird your loins and your lions if you are about to take on this quest. Be prepared. Be steadfast. Do not, under any circumstances, laugh.

Just remember, these clowns are kept locked behind iron bars for a very good reason.

Mini-Quest Progression

  1. Send in the clowns – reward varies (sometimes money, sometimes a full heal, sometimes nothing) →
  2. Fear nothing but fear itself, and clowns – segue to boss →