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Daily, heroes wander in the dangerous wild land surrounding Godville, fighting monsters, raiding trapped dungeon, sailing through dangerous seas and eventually die in the name of their Gods. That's why, Seasonal Festivities are so important. That way, heroes can fight, raid, sail and die but with a festive ambiance! Doesn't that change everything?

Seasonal Festivities are events that come back every year at the same periods and impact the world of Godville in various way.

Festivities Calendar
Festivities Start on Duration
πŸ’ž Valentine's Day 14th February Whole day
🐠 April Fool 1st April Whole day
πŸ₯š Easter Easter's weekend Saturday to Monday
πŸŽ‚ Godville's Anniversary 10th May 3 days
πŸ‚ Autumn Season 1st September Whole month
🎩 Boss Day 16th October Whole day
πŸŽƒ Halloween 31st October Whole day
πŸ¦ƒ Thanksgiving (USA) 4th Thursday in November
(27th November in 2021)
Whole day
❄️ Winter 1st December Whole 3 months (until February 28th)
πŸŽ„ End of the Year 20th December Until 2nd January

πŸ’ž Valentine's Day

Boss-Monsters will drop enamoured hearts, a rebranded heart lab part.

🐠 April Fool

Come back every April 1st. Effects may varies each year.

πŸ₯š Easter

Grants Easter cake πŸ₯§ when joining town, or item(?) when getting resurrected.

πŸŽ‚ Godville's Anniversary

Every 10 May mark the beginning of this National Day. Gods and Heroes celebrate the birth of Godville for 3 days.

Through sending a special "Happy birthday" godvoice daily, Gods will earn a great amount of charges.

πŸ‚ Autumn Season

During the whole month of September, heroes and heroines will often came accross and collect mushrooms while questing.

Those mushrooms are special activatable artifacts that cost no godpower and grants an Aura.

🎩 Boss Day

During the Boss Day, Boss-Monsters will possess special artifacts that can be sold at higher price and will also have some special entries.

πŸŽƒ Halloween

Pumpkins everywhere! Glowing pumpkin and Golden pumpkin are collectable during the event. Also Undead Monsters and hungry tribbles are more common during that day.

πŸ¦ƒ Thanksgiving

Special Thanksgiving-only bold Activatable Artifacts such as (since 2019) πŸ¦ƒRoasted turkey, (since 2020) πŸ¦ƒMince pie, πŸ¦ƒJar of cranberry sauce and πŸ¦ƒChicken salad appear in the game. Costing 0% GP, these artifacts completely heal the hero or heroine.

❄️ Winter

Winter-related diary entries appear, sails welcomes icebergs and fishing won't require any bait.

πŸŽ„ End of the Year

Snowflakes and other seasonal artifacts invade the inventory, Laplandville pops out of nowhere, Santa Claws and Satan Claus roams the road.

Playing the Bingo grants seasonal activatable artifacts.

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