Schrödinger's Cat

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Monsters of Godville
Schrödinger's Cat
Cattus cattum
Schrödinger's Cat.jpeg
Class Undead cat
Habitat Laboratories
Description Dead and alive feline (at the same time)
Totem for MKAY

The Schrödinger's Cat (Cattus cattum) is one of the cutest monsters.


The Schrödinger's Cat is a cat that is both dead and alive, and now is looking for revenge, attacking heroes.

The reward for killing it can be very high, even sometimes amounting to 100.000 gold coins.

It's very difficult to find a Schrödinger's Cat, as once a hero has encountered one it often becomes either a dead cat or an alive one. To ensure that the cat is still both dead and alive the box must remain on them at all times during the battle, which explains many occasions where a hero finds himself fighting against a cardboard box.



  • The fact that it's alive and dead at the same time could confuse the hero
  • The cat could survive fatal blows
  • Is hard to hit through the cardboard box


  • May find its attacks impeded by its cardboard box
  • Loves playing with balls of wool
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