Scheme of b-quark decay

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Artifacts of Godville
Scheme of b-quark decay
Type 🧷Normal
Description Unknown

This is nothing more then a diagram of wiggly lines scrawled quickly on a scruffy bit of paper.

The diagram is incomprehensible to everyone except members of the Warped Quantum guild but heroes have managed to get by without knowing anything about the information the diagram depicts for thousands of millennia so this doesn't much bother them.

When taken to a member of this strange guild, they became rather flustered and explained that it was a Feynman Diagram of the decay of a B-Quark then marched off in annoyance leaving the hero in question alone and confused. It later fell out of the hero's pocket and now travels around as a source of constant bemusement for anyone who may come across it.

Another guild member of Warped Quantum later revealed what the diagram meant, but nobody was any the wiser afterwards. Apparently, it showed the various ways a B-Quark could decay into other particles.

This has earned the artifact its name. At this point a few of the heroes listening became bored and left. He then said something about the products being 'up quarks' or 'charm quarks' and that the diagram didn't explain all the possible interactions, and then something about 'weak vector bosons'.

The explanation that followed subsequently resulted in the explosion of the eagerly listening heroes' brains. Shocked by his accidental crimes, the guild member hurried away leaving the artifact behind for another hero to discover. The heroes that left prematurely seemed to have had a lucky escape.