Sawed-off Shogun

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Sawed-off Shogun
Strong Monster
Class Weapon
Habitat Gun Racks
Description It's been sawed-off

The Sawed-off Shogun is a Monster who used to be a simple double barrel shotgun with a sawed off barrel.

General Information

Then a "brilliant" hero intent on creating a weapon to top all other weapons began adding to it. Purple lasers, Shay's (TM) artificial intelligence chip crumbs and warm dilithium crystals among other trekking warrior technology were fused into the very metal of the shotgun. When the hero's God saw the abomination, he sought to punish the hero with lightning. Unfortunately; the hero raised the gun in salute at the same moment his God fired off a triple thunder bolt. The wretched thing came to life and, infused with the anger of a God, began attacking everything it sensed. Its maker has yet to be found, but remains at the top of the Most Wanted list in every town.

To fire itself, the Sawed-off Shogun must load in the high-powered salted sea shells (sold by Sally Sheshells' store, situated a sensibly short distance from the seashore), turn from safety to fire-when-ready mode, point it at its intended target, enter the simple 30-digit lock-on code (based on where he is on the world), pull trigger, then fire.



  • Is confident and self-sufficient
  • Shorter barrel than most shotguns
  • Has upgrades not available on floor models


  • Needs to be frequently reloaded
  • Will probably ask your hero for GPS coordinates
  • Takes so long to follow shooting protocols, most heroes can get away before it is done