Satans Court

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One day in recent memory, the Dark God S8tan and his partner in crime, the Death Goddes Diathael, decided it would be great to have their own court. And with this, Diathael sent her hero, Belen Sarion, to spread word of this court to all the dark hero's and their gods.

"This is the home to all things dark and evil, " said Belen, as he told others of his new Guild. "All are welcome to join, but those who are good will be shown and inducted into the power of darkness! "

Even though this Guild is still young they have strong bonds and are allied with the Guild Beer. So strong infact that the Court's Royal Drink is Beer and they have a Professional Brewer *cough*Belen Sarion*cough*.

But one day, this Guild will rule over all others, for that is it's goal.