Santa Claws bag

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Artifacts of Godville
Santa Claws bag
Type ⚙️Activatable
Associated Monster Santa Claws
Description Unknown
Cost No godpower
Effect To be confirmed

These great red bags may contain presents galore, or they may contain nothing. It all depends on how far the Santa Claws had got with the delivery of presents to children on Christmas eve before it, for reasons unknown, mutated into a horrible demon-like beast wielding ragged claws. For this reason, they are highly prized by heroes for if they contain anything at all, it will be worth a lot of money on eBay.

Possible effects

  • Gain money (around 100-3000)
  • Completely restore the health of the hero
  • Lose an artifact but gain a new one
  • Find another artifact inside
  • Receive a golden brick
  • Godpower Accumulator charge
  • Nothing (you lose the item)

Instructions for use

This item may give your hero a pleasant surprise (doesn’t require godpower)